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Page 15S. Matid4tvmnu, etc. See Chnmita Gtiural, Zamora, , L ccc. Abandonar, v. Abaratar, v. AbaUdo, a, adj. Abierto, a, adj. Abismado, a, p. Abolir, I. AbominSdo, a, p. Abominar, I', u. Abrazar, v. Absorber, v. Absurdo, a, adj.

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Spaniard, [l.. Academia, n. Acalorado, a, ailj-, warmed, healed. Aceptar, v. Acomodar, c. Acordar, v. AcoBtarae, nji. Acadir, v. Acnerdo — acordar. COD, in harmony witli. Adqaindo, a, pp.

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Id be detected, lo be remarked, to be stated, [ L. Advirtiera — advertir.


Afecto, n, m. Agitar, v. Agotar, V.

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Agriarse, to become bitter ; irae agriando, to become embittered. Agrio, a, adj. Z4f3 AgtiftrdSr, v. Ahuyentar, v. See vida-a. Alarido, H.

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En nuestros dias se ha querido hacer la apoteosis de los comuneros. Oran peraona, elc, the first man viko calUii hitiatsi a tnorlal sat nwrf have been a perssnagr. This is the story of Naruto Uzumaki who's dream was was one thing and one thing only; To be Free. Read El canal del ministro PDF. He relies heavily on speed and his swordsmanship. Hojo, Ryoko S.

Cid, auoria, 1. Alentado, a, fi.

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Allbnao or Alonso, Alphonso. Aligerado, a, pp. Alojado, II. Alojar, V. See Alfonso. Altematiramente, adv. Alto, a, ,uij. Alfimno, n.

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Allende, adv. Amanecer, v. Amenazar, v. South and Central A. Amigo, a, H. Gram, p. Ampliar, v.

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Anarquista, h. Anatema, n, m. Broad Street. Old Sp. Anomalia, n. Ansiar, v. Anteojo, ti. Antro, n. J D,g,t,.? AnoncUr, ti.

Apartar, v. Apearse, lo alight, lo gel oat, to gel down, to dismount; to be dis- charged. Apetito, n. ApreoiSr, v. Aqui, adv. Tarraco- Arancel, u. Arder, v. Axgel, Algiers. AristocrAtico, a, adj.

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Armar, v. Arrancar, v. Arrasado, a, p. Arrebatar, v. Arreglar, v. Arrojar, v. Asociar, I', a. Asombrar, v. Capital, Oviedo. Astuto, a, adj. The old Sp. Atajar, v. Bobre, to call a. Atento, a, adj.