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Constructing News Stories with the Inverted Pyramid
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Another important thing: we should remember that space is premium in newspapers. The idea of the inverted pyramid is excellent for editors who can easily cut the less important details of your story without touching the important ones which you have already placed in the lead paragraph, i. Thanks so much for posting this tip. I think for a long-winded writer like me, this tip will come in very handy.

Question writing, especially in the lead, is also frowned on in journalistic writing. Yours sounds slightly snarky and rude too. Although I agree it, the top of the pyramid is the title of report, which conveys the main point of essay.

This tried-and-true method is a good way for beginners to learn

Sometimes it is the opposite, the author writes someting in an article irrelevant to the title. I m doing journalism and I think this information will help me and get to know more what I have learn in class. Usually I would follow that with the full brief, and then a for-those-who-want-the-full-rationale section. As an executive advisor, I was able to satisfy my entire range of audience that way.

Inverted pyramid

Busy executives will often delete the e-mail after the first sentence. They got what they wanted and the rest is unnecessary.

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It is quite irritating to hear an interesting story, but not know who it is about. The paragraphs are typically structured with a short heading, which allows the reader to quickly gain an overview of the article, its structure, and content. The principle of the inverted pyramid is used today in online media so as not to lose the reader. The reader gets deeper into the subject matter and gets information from every paragraph, understanding more and more of the context.

The Inverted Pyramid

The first inverted pyramid originated from the times when newspapers were still printed with typecases: with this technique, a text or a page had to be shortened if necessary. Thanks to the inverted pyramid, this was possible without losing the core points. The technique has now become standard for news reporting and has already been adapted by press releases. In this way, journalists can shorten news pieces as they like and seamlessly integrate them into the layout of a newspaper page.

Being able to shorten a text is less relevant online today, since the layouts are more open and text space can be dynamically adapted. This is a lot easier to do online: After two or three clicks the reader is already on a different website, which may provide them with the information a lot faster.

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Good content , which offers the reader added value, is a decisive factor in online marketing and in search engine optimization. This communication strategy is similar to the journalism approach: the focus is on high quality, relevant, and informative content , and not on direct advertising.

When it comes to online marketing, the inverted pyramid strategy is proving more and more effective.

Don’t lose your audience

This is because the principle offers several advantages for different online marketing efforts. This enables them to meet their structural expectations in the online text.

But what does that mean for you as a webmaster? In short, your texts must be easily accessible and convey information quickly. It is crucial that this is easy to find and accessible. If the inverted pyramid principle is also applied to the individual text paragraphs , your readers will find it easier to filter out which information is relevant to them.

Dividing the text with several headings also makes it easier for the reader to process the information. To give further information, separate the headline with a dash or colon, just like the title of this article: 'The inverted pyramid: how to optimize your writing style for online reader behavior'.

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All of these textual measures ultimately lead to the reader spending more time on the text. The headings can serve as teasers and should give an idea about the information contained in the paragraph or the entire text. This enables you to attract the attention of potential readers and to maintain their interest throughout the text. The pyramid is also important from another angle.

In addition to pure content strategies, it also helps with search engine optimization SEO , since helpful content has a positive influence on Google rankings and that of other search engines.

This usually addresses the so-called "five W's" who, what, when, why, and where. Thus, the reader is able to ascertain the key elements of the story immediately. The writer then provides the rest of the information and supporting contextual details in descending order of importance, leaving the least essential material for the very end. This gives the completed story the form of an inverted pyramid, with the most important elements, or the 'base' of the story, on top.

The most important elements of a well-written news article thus appear in the lead, the very first sentence of the story.

What role does the inverted pyramid principle play in online marketing?

This content strategy for ToFu, BoFu and MoFu content follows the inverted pyramid structure: The most newsworthy information is delivered first through educational ToFu content Important details that further develop the information presented in ToFu content are presented in MoFu content Information that is less important to the understanding of the initial topic but still of interest to the reader is offered through BoFu content. The inverted pyramid principle says you should put your most important point at the top of the article, followed by your next most important point, and so on, in diminishing order of importance. Here is an example of a short news story in the inverted pyramid; structure:. Browse Articles By Category Browse an area of study or degree level. In a short story or novel, the most important moment — the climax - typically comes about two-thirds of the way through, closer to the end. Your password goes here.

Use this structure to organize paragraphs and sentences within a section of narrative text. Share Flipboard Email. Richard Nordquist is a freelance writer and former professor of English and Rhetoric who wrote college-level Grammar and Composition textbooks. We can write the same way in a magazine article.