Lets All Be Brave: Living Life with Everything You Have

Change Always Happens
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From there you can navigate to the title you are interested in. Find the hottest teen books, connect with your favorite YA authors and meet new friends who share your reading interests! Your one stop blog for teaching information, author updates and a wealth of educational resources. Read a Sample. Book Overview Author Info and Events. About the Book Annie Downs admits she's not exactly the bravest girl in the world.

Biography Annie F. More about the author Other Works by Annie F. Downs Search the Australian Bookseller's Association website to find a bookseller near you. Are you holding tight to things that are changing? Change is hard! But it is guaranteed. Come share your thoughts on what the Bible says about change on our blog. We want to hear from you!

Can we do that in our physical, emotional, and spiritual lives too? Multiple times. So where does our bravery play into this?

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Whatever change may be coming, Jesus never changes. We can be brave because Jesus is constant, even when our circumstances are not. How do you prepare? Like the article?

Share it! We were at one of those retreat centers that have cabins and bunk beds and two showers for every twenty people, and it was as rustic as you are picturing. And I loved it. Yes, I absolutely love retreats. You know why? I love when all my friends are trapped in the same place for days at a time. Is that weird? On the Saturday night of this middle school retreat, I crawled into my little twin bunk, shoved up next to another twin bunk, and closed my eyes. It wasn't thirty seconds later that I felt someone tap my shoulder.

Let's All Be Brave (Excerpt)

Because we are a people who love to prank, I was sure I was about to 1 be sprayed in the face with some sort of liquid or 2 get to participate in pranking someone else. Instead, it was Mallory, another senior helping lead the retreat. Because it was March, Mallory was just a few months from graduating and heading off to Auburn University. She asked me to scoot over, so I did. I was worried—Is something sad? Something wrong? To snuggle up next to your leader in a twin bed means that something isn't right.

So I lay there on my side as Mallory stared up at the springs on the bunk above us. Light from the moon barely snuck in through the curtains, but it was enough for me to watch as she was obviously wrestling with something in her heart. I waited, thinking she had more to say.

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Annie Downs admits she’s not exactly the bravest girl in the world. She still cries sometimes when she leaves her parents’ home in Georgia, she’s never jumped out of a plane, and she only rides roller coasters to impress boys. Let's All Be Brave: Living Life with Everything You Have [Annie F. Downs] on plumarhypi.ml *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Annie F. Downs admits she's​.

When she didn't, I responded. I want to go to YWAM. You can do that. I wanted it to fall softly into her heart. Of course, I wasn't her parent or the final decision maker in her life, but I knew all that would shake out. She didn't need me to help her figure out how it would work out; she needed me to tell her that it could. I know what it is to need to say the brave thing, whether it actually works or not.

To just start the process. Mallory didn't begin her journey toward courage right there.

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That little glow of courage was growing in her heart for days, maybe weeks. And then in the hours and minutes before she actually got up out of her bed, it grew feet, didn't it? Feet that brought her to me. Somewhere, at some point, she started being brave—probably before she even realized it. It wasn't when she told me. It was long before, when something in her heart began to beat with a different rhythm.

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You just have to start, my friend. That thing that is whispering on your insides? That conversation you need to have or that place you need to go? That job you want to try or that ministry you want to attempt? That major you want to pick at college or that mission trip you want to go on? Today I volunteer as a leader for the college ministry at my church.

Let's All Be Brave: Living Life With Everything You Have

It is one of the greatest joys of my life. I love that after four years of living in Nashville, virtually blind to the college scene besides noting the massive decline in traffic during the summers , those students are now one of my favorite reasons for living in this town. Each Sunday night after the service ends, we head together to the gym and eat cereal. Yep, cereal. College students totally dig it. It's hilarious. Our pastor, Pete Wilson, and I have a little game we like to play.

We stand behind the cereal table and try to guess which cereal the students will pick. There are usually six or so options—the staples like Honey Nut Cheerios and Frosted Flakes and the classics like Cinnamon Toast Crunch and Lucky Charms, and then there are the wild cards that trade out, like Cap'n Crunch and Reese's Puffs, for example.

Here is how the game is played. A new young college guy will come over to the countertop lined with cereal and milk and supplies, pick up a bowl, and we'll introduce ourselves. This is Pastor Pete. What's your name? I smile and continue. Now, Pastor Pete and I have a little competition going. We'd like for you to look at the six cereal options and pick the one you want. Don't say it out loud. Just think it.

Let's All Be Brave

And then we'd like to guess what you are going to pick. You ready? Have the cereal in your mind? At this point, the student is usually quasi-entertained because I'm obnoxious and Pete is really cool and wants to play along, so he picks which one he would like—and we guess. Now I'll tell you this, Pastor Pete has a pretty solid guessing percentage.

But I'd like to have a formal investigation initiated because I am almost percent sure that at least half the guesses Pastor Pete gets right are because the student changes his mind based on what the pastor thinks the kid wants.

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And just so you know, I get about one out of every eight cereal guesses right. Terrible winning percentage, I know. But they don't lie for me like they do for Pastor Pete. Also, on a personal note, this is my favorite time of the Sunday night events.

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