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Further studies have correlated elevated levels of presynaptic Par-1 and deficits of BRP in AZs due to mislocalization.

Furthermore, decreases in presynaptic Par-1 lead to increases in selective accumulation of BRP within the axons. However, little is known about how decreases of presynaptic Par-1 affect localization of BRP at synapses. Methods: The Drosophila larval neuromuscular junction NMJ is a model synapse which has been used extensively to characterize molecular pathways underlying synaptic development.

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Posing Guide for Models and Photographers - Volume 4 - Featuring Callie (​Posing Guides) - Kindle edition by Paul Moore. Download it once and read it on your. plumarhypi.ml: Posing Guide for Models and Photographers - Volume 5 - Featuring Stephanie (Posing Guides) eBook: Paul Moore: Kindle Store.

Additionally, larval NMJs have high cellular resolutions allowing the study of AZ mechanisms and structures. Next, NMJs of Par-1RNAi were stained with antibodies against protein markers for pre- and postsynaptic components and imaged using confocal microscopy.

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Fluorescence intensities were analyzed using Metamorph and bouton morphometrics were analyzed using ImageJ. Results: Knock down of Par-1 leads to the mislocalization and accumulation of BRP and synaptic vesicles into distal axons. This results in ectopic formation of AZs within axons.


These seams can roll around the shoulder cap or cling to the collarbone and to the pectoral contours on the chest. Fla5h Mar 21, This role has afforded me the opportunity to interact with students from all areas of the world and therefore, the chance to learn about a plethora of unique cultures which I had no previous knowledge of. Photo of a band of gypsies encamped, with wagons lined up and women and children eating. Shop by department, purchase cars, fashion apparel, collectibles, sporting goods, cameras, baby items, and everything else on eBay, the world's online marketplace The last tute was rather half assed.

Furthermore, the mislocalization of BRP leads to morphological changes and presynaptic retraction, ultimately resulting in synaptic transmission deficits. Conclusion: This data indicates Par-1 has a physiological role in regulating localization of BRP to AZs, and that precise regulation of Par-1 kinase is needed for proper synapse development and function. Walt Whitman: Told By His Time is a project in the digital humanities that aims to demonstrate principles of the discipline by analyzing trends of shifting perceptions of Walt Whitman's life, work, and persona by analyzing reviews of his work that were published during his lifetime.

Pseudoaneurysm formation of the cystic or hepatic arteries is a rare but well-described complication that can have a delayed and variable presentation. The etiology can include iatrogenic following laparoscopic surgery, infection, and trauma. With the advent of laparoscopic cholecystectomy, iatrogenic factors have become a leading cause in the formation of visceral artery pseudoaneurysms. These factors can include mechanical injury in surgery, mechanical injury from the adjacent positioning of surgical clips, excessive or inappropriate use of thermal cauterization, or leakage of bile due to an inadvertent injury to the biliary tree.

Given that visceral artery pseudoaneurysms are potentially life-threatening complications, a rapid diagnosis is desirable. However, given the potentially delayed nature of their presentation and often non-specific clinical manifestations, diagnosis and intervention are often delayed. Here we present an interesting case of a hepatic artery pseudoaneurysm that developed following laparoscopic cholecystectomy and was concomitant with peri-hepatic infection, diaphragmatic erosion and empyema of the right lung.

In this case, the use of point-of-care ultrasound in the emergency department proved extremely valuable in identifying and characterizing these pathologies as well as their interconnected nature to one another. Background UCL injuries of the elbow are uncommon in the general population. However, such injuries are becoming increasingly prevalent in the athletic community, particularly amongst baseball players.

As a means to reduce recovery time and avoid surgical intervention, PRP injections have become a popular non-operative alternative treatment for such injuries. Failure of PRP therapy was indicative of the need for surgical intervention or cessation of sport. Results Twenty-four out of 39 One out of 8 PRP therapy demonstrates the potential to be an alternate modality of non-operative management of UCL injuries.

Online surveys were administered at baseline Presenting degraded speech with visual cues facilitates speech recognition. This benefit is observed for visual speech cues that are perceptually correlated with the auditory signal, as well as for text cues that delay integration until a later cognitive-linguistic processing stage. However, it is not clear how the benefit compares between these two types of degraded multimodal presentations.

The current study examined how listeners integrate visually interrupted text or visual speech cues with acoustically interrupted speech. In Experiment 1, text was periodically interrupted by white space at visual interruption rates that were associated with the auditory interruption rate of speech. In Experiment 2, videos were visually interrupted by grey frames. For both experiments, speech was low-pass filtered at Hz. Preliminary results indicate that listeners obtain a benefit from both visual speech and text cues.

In addition, performance is affected by the interruption rate of speech, with minimal performance obtained around an interruption rate of 2 Hz.

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Supplementing speech with incomplete visual cues can improve sentence intelligibility and compensate for degraded speech in adverse listening conditions. After serving our nation, many veterans suffer from physical and mental disabilities, substance abuse, and homelessness. Former soldiers often feel forgotten about and left to struggle on their own with little support. I work with a local non-profit organization, The Warhorse Brotherhood, LLC, that benefits veterans by giving quality emotional, financial, and counseling support.

In May of , we were contacted by a local business about a veteran who was living in a dilapidated trailer. A committee was formed and after verifying his status, we evaluated his needs, listened to concerns, and developed a plan. With the help of local businesses, we created a fund raiser, raising enough money to purchase a new trailer, have it installed, remove the old one, clean his yard, and trim trees. In another case, a medically retired, disabled veteran was in need of assistance in moving. He had been injured on a parachute jump, breaking his back, causing him to walk using a cane or walker permanently.

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He had limited financial means and was married with a small child. After being notified, we met with him and evaluated the situation. By organized several members of our group with personnal trucks and trailers, we loaded, moved, and setup his household goods at his new house.

As a disable veteran, I know what it is like to not feel useful or part of society. As a group, we give emotional and financial support while helping to find resources and assistance for veterans. Our work helps bring the community closer while impacting friends, families, and future soldiers by showing people do care.


These projects help both our members and those we help feel more a part of the community and a larger family, uniting people regardless of race, creed or religion, making our community and country a better place to live. The Opportunity Scholars Program Lead Team is defined on having a diverse understanding to represent their peers through adapting to new and upcoming social events and communicating in a professional manner.

This position enables me to apply my skills I learned as a Marketing and Finance major. My year as a leader in a multicultural program has enabled me to be culturally aware when working with students of various backgrounds and understanding their perspective on life.

As the Marketing Coordinator, advertisements are directly created for the benefits of the students to encourage engagement on campus through cultural events. This beyond the classroom leadership position demonstrated the skills needed when working in groups and developing solutions to real-world situations when working with a diverse group of individuals.

I learned how to adapt to unfamiliar territory, because of my drive to become a diverse leader.

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A business person who plans to become a well-rounded leader should not narrow their career by solely considering a certain market group. These educational experiences that are socially active, contextual, and engaging produces a higher-level of thinking and self-management by incorporating some form of diversity. Discover the Unexpected of Going Beyond During the summer after my Freshman year, my study abroad experience in Costa Rica was a catalysis to setting a strong foundation for my understanding of what it meant to be a culturally diverse leader.

I was able to complete daily tasks in a foreign country making money transactions with the National Bank , speak professionally when discussing the economic position of Costa Rica, and I meet the Costa Rican President randomly at a festival.

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Nothing screams professional diversity until an individual randomly meets the President of a foreign country and discuss their reasons for wanting to study there. This experience alone created the perfect scenario in applying professionalism when unexpected and adapting to a foreign environment with the knowledge of understanding the importance of diversity. I have experienced the benefits of leadership and being a team player through community service opportunities on and off campus. I participated in food drives, fundraisers, and other service projects.

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As a student member of the Opportunity Scholars Program and Vice-president of the American Marketing Association I have volunteered for multiple service projects like Toy drives during the holidays and volunteer positions within organizational events and collaborations. Along with other University organizations, I participated in volunteer work such as Adopt-A-Highway projects to have a cleaner environment and collected water for the Columbia community when natural disasters hit.

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Driven By Advocacy Abroad As a Darla Moore School of Business student, I not only studied abroad, but used my platform to encourage other minority groups to try to do the same. During my four years at the University of South Carolina, I served as a Study Abroad Advocate after the summer before my sophomore year began. As a Study Abroad Advocate, I participated in the Study Abroad Fairs discussing my time abroad and how it impacted or enhanced my learning process.

During that time, I used my persuasive skills to encourage other student to do the same and explore what opportunities are available in his or her field of study and financially. Although I was providing a service for my fellow peers, I noticed that my personal character had improved. I became more optimistic, confident, and overall more self-aware. I had a hunger to utilize my voice to not only encourage all students to study abroad but specifically to encourage more minority groups to gain that experience as well.

HIV affects over 30 million people around the world and 1. Currently, multiple HIV vaccines—projected to be on the market in five to ten years—are being tested for efficacy and safety. The goal of this study was to explore opinions related to the HIV vaccine so that there is a guide for future policy development in Western Kenya.