Cooking in God's Kitchen
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Corrie is confronted with this during her time in a German concentration camp, in particular through her sister Betsie, who always chooses to keep her eyes on God, regardless of how appalling their circumstances are. Additionally, the hiding place refers to the safe house of the Beje that the ten Booms create for persecuted Jews; in particular, the secret room they use to hide their jewish contemporaries in during Gestapo raids.

This book is admittedly a somber read, but it entails important information that every Christian, or anyone seeking Christ, should be aware of. We live in a world that is just as broken and unjust as the Nazi occupied Holland described in this true account.

Acts that transgress the decency of humanity occur unfortunately every day. He is with us as we fight the things that threaten to hurt us; He will never fail us nor forsake us.

However, on our part, we need to believe that God can make a way where we see no way. We need to put our faith and trust in Him and keep our eyes on Him, and not on our circumstances. We too, can take refuge in God as our own hiding place.

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By doing so, we can experience hope and encouragement under even the worst circumstances. Put your faith and trust in God, and let Him be your refuge — your hiding place — while He works everything out for your good. It is possible to visit the ten Boom house in the Netherlands, which has been transformed into a museum. Partnering with God to live a victorious life.

Be encouraged throughout the year ahead!

Last week, we finished an extended Part One of our Bible commentary on Joshua 6. We discovered how the Israelites penetrated the impregnable walls of the city of Jericho and thereby took over the city from the hands of their enemies, the Canaanites Joshua 6: Although they were outmatched in military experience and weaponry, the Israelites had an ace up their sleeves that assured them victory before the battle had even begun — the blessings and favor of God.

The Israelites knew that God had promised them the land of Canaan as part of their inheritance. However, they also knew that the land was occupied by their enemies, who owned the land. In order to come into the fulfillment of the plans that God had laid out for them, they needed to trust God, obey, have faith, and praise Him before they saw victory.

Now that we have studied Joshua 6, let us explore how we can take the lessons of this phenomenal Bible chapter and apply them to live a victorious life full of faith, praise, and fellowship with God. Photo by Simon Migaj on Unsplash.

See with the eyes of faith. Before the Israelites approached the formidable walls of Jericho, the Bible states that Joshua, the leader of the Israelites, was by the city Joshua Looking over the arid plains to the formidable fortress walls of Jericho, one wonders what Joshua was thinking. For to the human eyes, Jericho could not be compromised — especially not by a nation of former slaves with no military experience and inferior resources. However, God encouraged Joshua to look at his situation with eyes of faith.

They had to see the walls of Jericho flattened to the ground by faith, before they saw it with their human eyes. As a modern translation of this principle, living a victorious Christian life not only means to have faith that God exists and that He loves us.

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It also means that we need to believe that God can make all things work out for our good — especially when the odds look like they are against us. We need to see with eyes of faith. God does not think like the world does. He is not bound by the expectations of society, nor is He motivated by likes on Instagram or thumbs ups on Facebook.

God always has the final say in our lives — not people, not bad breaks, and not adversity. Like God promised the Israelites a favorable outcome with Jericho, so He is promising you a favorable outcome to your dilemma. However, you need to accept that promise and believe it will come to pass — you need to see with eyes of faith. The battle the Israelites faced as they stood in front of the walls of Jericho was not a physical one. If so, they would have failed dismally in penetrating the impregnable walls of the fortress city.

They were former slaves, who had spent the last 40 years wandering the desert; their lack of military expertise would have cost them their lives at the hands of the Canaanites, who were seasoned warriors and armed to the teeth in weaponry. No, this battle against the Canaanites was a spiritual one. Therefore, in order to incur a spiritual victory, the Israelites had to engage in spiritual warfare.

The warfare we face today is also spiritual: sickness, financial struggles, marital discord, just to name a few. They are brought on by an enemy — the devil — who wants to see us live a life of defeat and misery.

God is always present but never pushy

11 results for Books: "Step Into Gods Kitchen 1" Only 1 left in stock - order soon . How to Manage Your Home Without Losing Your Mind: Dealing with Your. STEP IN TO GODS KITCHEN TO DISCOVER A NEW WAY OF LIFE. EATING RAW IS NOT ABOUT DIETING, IT IS ALL ABOUT A LIFESTYLE CHANGE, ONE.

John However, God wants us to live a victorious life, full of joy and fulfilment. Look at the second part of this Bible verse:. God provided the Israelites with spiritual weapons to fight, and we can use these same weapons to live out the blessings and promises that God puts in our hearts.

2. Hospitality is spiritual warfare.

We talked in the previous section about seeing with eyes of faith. As a further step to seeing, God wants us to step out in faith. Instead of fretting and plotting our own course through the landmine of troubles in your life, hand over your situation to God today. God is faithful: If you reflect on past problems, did they not all work out in the end?

That was not the result of luck or coincidence — that was the favor of God in your life. Often in life, situations arise that can daunt us.

How to Discern God’s Will in Any Situation

People can say things that can make us feel threatened or afraid. The pain of past experiences makes us fearful of stepping out of our comfort zones. As they walked around the walls of Jericho, the Israelites had to gather their courage. They had a prime view of the defense fortifications of the walls, including a 28 ft stone tower. The Canaanite giants were kitted out in weapons and were probably within distance to launch offensives from the safety of the parapets. However, the Israelites just kept on marching, because they knew that God had their back.

When faced with adversity, we too need to confront the problem with courage and confidence that God is with us. He will not allow us to face a difficult situation on our own.

In fact, He goes with us. One particular Bible verse that gives me courage is Deuteronomy :. Listening to God and fulfilling His instructions is not always an easy thing to do for us. God has given us free will, and as humans we are accustomed to being in charge of making our own decisions in our everyday lives.

The Kitchen God's Wife by Amy Tan

However, God is omnipresent: He can see situations from multiple perspectives simultaneously and is not hindered by space or time. However, they did it. When God told them to shout on the 7 th day, well they did that too. And what happened? The walls of Jericho came tumbling down! God knows what is best for us.

Put your human reasoning behind you and just try obeying Him. You will be amazed at how things turn out bigger and better than you thought they could ever be! Do you know the excitement you feel, when you start a new project or even a new diet? However, as time goes on, the project ends up consuming all of your free time, and the lack of significant progress frustrates you.

Chapter One – The Gift of Unhappiness

Eating green salads for every meal becomes monotonous; you start fantasizing about eating carbs again. You begin to doubt whether you have what it takes to keep going to realize your goals.

And yet, the Israelites continued to get up every day for 7 days and walked around the walls of Jericho. They endured through their adversity and their endurance paid off.

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What would have happened if the Israelites had stopped walking on day 6? They would never have known that their victory was waiting for them the next day.

Heaven: God’s Highest Hope

You never know, you might be on day 6 of your own walk. Endure through it and walk into day 7, where your breakthrough is waiting for you! This particular weapon is something that God has been especially putting on my heart this year.