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Ancient knowledge, but not obsolete knowledge, the principles are powerful.

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So that journey has led me into some of the most isolated and remote and pristine and beautiful places remaining on this planet today, monasteries in the Himalayas of China, Tibet, Nepal, Bolivia, Peru, all through India, into the American US desert southwest and the Aboriginal traditions of Australia.

And the theme first says that we are all part of this world, not separate from this world. Braden believes that we are on the cusp of a new era and we all have an opportunity to participate in creating a bright future. His research and work have focused on helping humanity achieve the goal of a planet where only peace and love are known. I firmly believe that we are living in a pivotal moment in the history of this planet.

Almost universally ancient texts and traditions have told us that we will experience something extraordinary in our lifetimes, in our world, in our civilization and in our bodies. So my path has been to first understand what our ancestors knew that we may have forgotten. When we return Gregg Braden will speak about the secret, Divine pattern that he says lies hidden in the genetic code of all life on Earth.

Please stay tuned to Supreme Master Television. When he first began studying human origins, Mr. Braden wondered whether humankind was just a genetic coincidence or was intentionally engineered. And if I could find that, if I could find that common denominator, that somehow maybe it would help us to become greater than the differences. That began a search, and I combined the science that I know of biology, and history and ancient languages, linguistics, genetics, with the new science of computers that were now on my desktop.

And some intelligent being placed it there a long time ago. Braden then began searching for the message encoded in our DNA. And this led to a research project using computers, the best science of the day and some of those ancient texts.

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And the bottom line is that what we discovered is every single ancient language, the letters of the language link to very precise numbers that have never changed. That was interesting to me. So, through a process that took many years, I came to understand that the numbers that represent the letters are also the numbers that represent the elements, what we call the elements on the periodic table of life, and physical reality as we know it.

And, when we make the connections between the letters of the ancient alphabets, the numbers they represent, those numbers, if we look at them on the periodic table, they happen to be precisely the elements that make up the DNA in our bodies.

Now, we had the ability to take the sequences of DNA in a cell, and through those numbers link them to letters in ancient alphabets. Low and behold, the letters spell words and the words have meanings. What we know is that there is a message, an intentional message within the DNA of all life. The message occurs in layers and each layer has its own code that must be understood for that layer.

Gregg Braden says the message hidden in the DNA of all living beings is that which spiritual masters have tried to convey to humanity through the ages.

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If a higher intelligence is responsible for our existence, and that intelligence created us, it makes perfect sense that that intelligence would have left something for us to understand who we are. It makes perfect sense that that higher intelligence would have left the message encoded into creation itself. And as long as creation exists the message is intact. Our appreciation Mr.

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Gregg Braden for sharing your time and invaluable wisdom with us. As all creation is connected and has God within, as is further proven by your discovery, may we always remember to treat each and every being with love and kindness. For more details on Gregg Braden, please visit Books and other media by Mr.

The eggs of the potato bug hatch in 7 days. Canary eggs hatch in 14 days. Hen's eggs hatch in 21 days. The eggs of ducks and geese hatch in 28 days. Mallard eggs hatch in 35 days. The eggs of the parrot and the ostrich hatch in 42 days. I'm sure you noticed — all of the numbers are all divisible by 7. What is the symbolism of egg-hatching? It's a sacred act of creation — literally.

Shariah: A Divine Code Of Life (Simple & Concise Explanation)

There is also a numerology food code. Not for packaged food, but real food that grows on trees or in fields.

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If you have an orange at home, check out the number of segments. Oranges only have an even number of segments. The same goes for an ear of corn. Each bunch of bananas an even number of bananas on it's lowest row.

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Details if other :. Jennifer A. Guided by the voice of your conscience, may your ethics be as pure as possible and may your first preoccupation always be to think well, speak well, and act well. The Triangular Code is the basis of all truthful communication — caring for others, elevating and enriching every moment with elegance and grace. Jennifer Kromberg.

The book shows how mental and emotional factors--negatives like stress and positives like excitement, joy, gratitude, and spirituality--are also involved in switching genes on or off. Drawing on recent scientific research and the author's own observations, this book shows that humans can bring forth their talents at any age.

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Murakami argues that a positive outlook can turn on the genes that are necessary to bring happiness and success into anyone's life and turn off the bad genes. He calls this process "genetic thinking"--a science-based approach to controlling the genes by cultivating enthusiasm and inspiration. Your Attitude and Environment.

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