Were Not Making Love No More

We're Not Making Love No More Lyrics
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Sure I've been in love a time or two But in the end I still chose you No one could ever make me feel this way That's why it's killing me, what we're going through Somehow thought 'tween me and you Our love would stand the test of time and never ever fade But we're not making love no more We're not even trying to change Tell me how it slips away Does it ever stay the same We don't even talk no more We've ran out of words to say Tell me it don't have to change Won't it ever stay the same Girl I know that things aren't going right But don't you think it deserves a fight A love like ours don't happen everyday And we're losing it right as we speak And if we don't wake up, it's a memory A time gone past, a love that sailed away I dream of lovers past and I see a girl so sad cause She lost the only man she loved He went away Well it's not too late for us To change Writer s : KENNETH EDMONDS Lyrics powered by www.

Mar 6, 6. I love Dru Hill This song as well as "These are the times"..

Mar 6, 7. Man I use to love this song, it takes me back to 11th grade, I think this was off the Soul Food sountrack if i'm not mistaken?? Thanks x 2.

Dru Hill- We're Not Making Love No More

Mar 6, 8. Mar 6, 9.

Mar 6, This is my song! I was listening to this on my ipod a few mins ago.

We're Not Making Love No More lyrics - Dru Hill

Love it! Nov 17, I love this song!

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