Your Feet Are Getting Sleepy

Why Does My Foot Fall Asleep?
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Between sizes? Go with your gut, but rest assured that your socks will still fit great.

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Concerned about laundry mix-ups? But stray socks mysteriously going missing in the dryer?

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And for the absolute best blood flow to your feet before you fall asleep, add these steps to your nighttime routine: Spend a few minutes rubbing your favorite moisturizer into your feet. Alternative: trade foot massages with your partner.

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Warm your socks up in the dryer or with a hair dryer. Just like you use a hot water bottle in winter, you should have a cold water bottle in summer. An ice pack will do the job, but failing that you can use a hot water bottle, simply fill it with water, pop it in the freezer, and place in your bed to cool it down before you go to sleep. You can also place the ice pack on your pulse points or forehead to speed up the cooling down process.


Is your foot asleep? you know that for a short while you might have lost feeling in your foot, it might have felt heavy, or you Worried about your sleepy feet? Problems occur when the weight does not get distributed evenly throughout the foot and these bones take the brunt of the force. Too much “rolling in” of the foot.

The Egyptians are a lot more used to sleeping in ridiculously hot conditions than we are, so they've invented a way of dealing with it: sleep on a slightly damp towel or sheet. It may go against everything your mother ever thought you, but the moist blanket will keep you nice and cool.

This helps your mind ease the pressure of and acknowledge that the massage is coming to an end. Finish the foot massage by lightly running your fingers up and down the feet repeatedly until they are barely touching the skin.

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Often sleeplessness is caused by worrying and wanting new things. The more you get in a habit of practicing this nighttime ritual, the easier it will get and falling asleep will be no problem at all. But then, something terrible happens!

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Out of nowhere, your ears perk up and your mind begins to wander. All hope of getting a good night sleep is lost.

Warm feet may help you sleep

You're very welcome, Sarahi! She is a big hit now. Characteristic symptoms include fever , joint pain, skin rashes, Raynaud syndrome with tingling, numbness and sensitivity to cold in the feet and hands see also above. Kamryn B May 8, It is underneath the trachea windpipe.

Ever found yourself in this position?